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Obtain Domain WHOIS Information

Use our WHOIS tool to access detailed information about a domain. This includes data such as the domain owner's contact details, the domain's registration and expiration dates, and the name servers in use. This valuable information can help you strategize and make informed decisions.

Access Domain WHOIS History

Our WHOIS tool provides access to the historical WHOIS records of a domain, allowing you to observe changes over time. This feature can be particularly useful for investigating the history of a domain, be it for research purposes or resolving domain-related disputes.

Understand WHOIS Privacy

Pofii's WHOIS tool also helps you understand the impact of WHOIS Privacy. Domain owners often opt for WHOIS Privacy to protect their personal information from being publicly accessible. Our tool can detect this setting, providing you with complete clarity on the domain's privacy status.


How can I search for a domain name?

To search for a domain name, utilize Pofii's free Domain Hub tool. Simply input your desired domain name into the provided search box and click "Search." Our tool will promptly scan and present the availability status of the domain, alongside other important WHOIS information.

What is WHOIS and how can I use it to find domain ownership?

WHOIS is a tool that allows you to access information about a domain's registration. This includes the domain owner's contact details, registration date, and expiration date. Using Pofii's WHOIS tool, you can quickly find out who owns a domain, and other related information, enhancing your understanding of your digital environment.

How can I use the IP Reverse Lookup tool?

With Pofii's IP Reverse Lookup tool, you can uncover all the domain names hosted on a specific IP address. It's particularly useful in identifying other websites that share the same server, assessing potential security risks, and discovering shared hosting providers.

How can I use the DNS Checker tool?

Pofii's DNS Checker is a valuable tool that enables you to verify the DNS records of a domain. By inputting your domain name into the tool, it quickly scans and delivers the DNS records, providing valuable insights into your domain's configuration and propagation.

How do I find when a domain name expires?

Pofii's WHOIS tool also provides information about a domain's expiry date. After entering the domain name, the tool will deliver comprehensive WHOIS data, including the expiry date. This feature is critical for domain buyers and sellers, as well as for monitoring your own domains to avoid unexpected expirations.

What is the Domain Locator tool, and how can I use it?

The Domain Locator tool is part of Pofii's suite of resources that help you find the geographical location of a server where a specific domain is hosted. By inputting a domain name, you can discover its hosting location. This can be vital for various purposes, such as troubleshooting server issues, understanding your website's latency, or strategic planning for SEO.

How can I find out what domains are hosted on a specific IP address?

You can use Pofii's IP Reverse Lookup tool to find out what domains are hosted on a particular IP address. This feature is useful in identifying websites that share the same server, ensuring potential security risks are mitigated, and for understanding more about your hosting environment.

What are DNS records and how can I check them?

DNS records, or Domain Name System records, are instructions that guide internet browsers on how to access your website. They contain information about your domain name and its associated IP address. Pofii's DNS Checker allows you to view these records by simply entering your domain name into the tool, providing insights into your domain's configuration.